What is Adamant?

4 min readAug 14, 2021


Adamant Coin

For the Community, by the Community!

What is Adamant Coin?

Adamant is a frictionless, yield-generating contract that aims to let the community participate in charity work.

The token contract employs a static reward system: 10% of every transaction is split into four parts: The first part 2% distributed to holders, the second 2.5% is used to fuel the liquidity pool on the Pancake Swap decentralized exchange, the third 3% is burned, and the final 2.5% would be sent to our charity wallet.

Throughout every quarter, a poll will be open to all users to vote on a charity nature wherein the winning charity nature will be receiving all tax received into the charity wallet throughout that quarter. The token is launched with the idea of creating a community token with a self generating income mechanism for its owner while allowing the same owners be a part of donating to the community charity of choice for the quarter.

Our project includes using a game model in order to employ burns, rewards, and donations to the charity wallet as well which will be further explained in the following pages.

Adamant aims to be able to make a statement in the world and help change the ways charities can be done. Being the first ever platform and token to create an income generating deflationary token which enables their holders to nominate and vote a charity for where the taxed tokens shall be donated. This enables holders to be a part of something bigger. This is also the first project that has incorporated a play to earn game system with charity donations that are community based.

Adamant Mine

Play to Earn, Donate, and Burn!

What is Adamant Mine? Adamant Mine is a game that allows the players to EARN, DONATE, and BURN.

It is a 2-D Mining game with block type graphics. The players use up energy to mine a block. 1 energy is used to mine one block and players will receive 10 energy per hour with a maximum of 100 energy stored. The goal of the players is to be able to try and mine as many $ADMC blocks as possible! The game will have simple left, right, and down movements only and once the player goes below the depth level of the block, you will be unable to go back up to a higher depth. The player can accumulate as much $ADMC blocks as the player wants and may claim them at any time.. But if the player dies, the player loses all unclaimed rewards.

All blocks will be visible to the player. You will see what block you are about to mine.

There will be 4 types of blocks that can be mined.

  1. Soil (Empty) block — which gives no rewards. (60% spawn chance)
  2. $ADMC block — the block that gives you block rewards (20% spawn chance)
  3. Diamond (Energy) block — this block gives the player 5 extra energy (10% spawn chance)
  4. Bomb block — which causes the player to die (10% spawn chance)


Adamant mine will have an initial supply of 600B $ADMC tokens allocated to the game. The rewards of the game will be based on the Minimum number of Tokens required to play.

The game rewards factor is based on a minimum holding of 100,000 tokens which rewards would be 200 earned, 200 donated, and 800 burned. The dev team can adjust the rewards based on the game factor by changing the minimum number of tokens required to participate in “mining”. For example if the set minimum to play is 2M tokens, each block mined would give a reward of 4000 earned, 4000 donated, and 16000 burned. The player’s tokens will not be used up to play the game.

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