Adamant Mine: Normal Mode.

2 min readJan 20, 2022


As we have announced earlier, Adamant Mine will have two game modes: Normal and Survival. And today we are going to introduce you to the Normal mode.

Normal mode is the main play-to-earn game mode of Adamant Mine.

The goal of the players is to be able to try and mine as many $ADMC blocks as possible! Player rewards are endlessly accumulated and are claimable at any time.

In normal mode, the players use up energy to mine a block. One energy is used to mine one block and players will receive 10 energy per hour with a maximum of 100 energy stored.

The game will have simple left, right, and down movements only, and once the player goes below the depth level of the block, you will be unable to go back up to a higher depth.

What’s more, there will be four types of blocks that can be mined (you can find out about them here). And their contents will be visible.

The death of a player will cause the user to start from the top again with a new map but not lose any unclaimed $ADMC blocks mined.

The death of a player will cause the player to lose 20 energy on Normal mode.

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