Adamant Mine: Survival Mode.

2 min readJan 12, 2022


Adamant Mine is a 2-D mining game with block-type graphics. The game will have two game modes; Normal and Survival. Today we would like to introduce the Survival mode in Adamant Mine that is coming soon and explain its gameplay basics.

Some games force you to try and survive as long as possible without losing or task you with surviving a certain number of “waves” of enemies before granting you victory.

In Adamant Mine’s Survival mode, players don’t use up energy as it’s unlimited there. Upon starting the game, the players automatically drop down and the players can only move left or right.

The player’s character will start to drop down faster and faster as the player reaches a lower depth.

The goal of this mode is to mine as many adamant blocks as possible while trying their best to avoid the bombs as the game goes faster.

Once a player hits a bomb, the game is over.

The play to earn mechanics of survival mode will be different from Normal mode.

You will be able to find out more about this mode and even try it in the coming Q2–2022.

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