From pay-to-win, to play-to earn!

In recent years, the video game business has leaned increasingly toward a pay-to-win model, with titles offering loot boxes in exchange for real-world money to help gamers get an advantage in their games. Not only does this alienate the majority of the player base, who their competitors may outspend, but it also creates a financially unsustainable environment that is reliant on a small number of high-spenders who could lose interest and switch games at any time.

That’s where blockchain comes in and changes everything.

The Play-To-Earn economy will revolutionize how people interact with the economies of their favorite games.

Play-to-earn lets gamers own their assets and increase their value through typical in-game activities such as breeding creatures, unlocking upgrades, buying items, and much more.

This creates a fair and accessible marketplace, enabling gamers worldwide to profit from and enjoy the game in whatever way they prefer.

Adamant Mine is a play-to-earn game where you can earn, donate and burn!

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