Initial Beta Launch: what can be expected.

2 min readOct 11, 2021


We are excited to announce that Adamant Mine Alpha Launch is already available, and Initial Beta Launch will begin soon.

As a result, we’re getting closer to realizing our ambition of providing an interesting game with new revenue potential to our users.
Each wallet must contain at least 1M $ADMC tokens to access the Beta.

What can be expected?

The beta launch will begin on early Q4 and have 3 phases.

1st phase: Testing of the game functions and servers. The players will play the game to connect their wallets, access the game through $ADMC wallet content, move the player character, mine different kinds of blocks, accumulate rewards and energy replenishment. These functions would be the primary functions to be tested by the beta-testers to find any bugs or errors that the game may have.

2nd phase: Connect smart contract #1 in order for players to be able to claim their unclaimed rewards. This will be done through game maintenance after the first phase has been declared successful/corrected by the game creators. The functions written in smart contract #1 will then be tested in the second phase.

3rd phase: Addition of leaderboards, account levels, NFT Integration, account types, in-game purchasing of extra energy, and the smart contracts that control these functions. The 3rd phase will be more thoroughly explained under “C. Future Updates.”

All progress will be saved regarding the number of rewards each player will receive during the Beta Launch.

Go to our website and try our alpha version.

The Beta version is coming there soon!