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What is adamant Mine?

Adamant Mine is a single-player arcade-style game in which players must hunt for Adamant! Each Adamant mined allows each player to EARN, DONATE, and BURN!

What is the Community Charity of Choice?

Holders of Adamant Coin, Adamant Mine’s governance token, have the option to nominate and vote for their preferred charity every quarter. The charity with the most votes will be awarded Community Charity of Choice for the quarter and receive all of the Charity Wallet’s tokens.

Adamant Mine Game Economics

The base reward of every Adamant mined has a block reward of 12,000 $ADMC tokens.
60% of the reward will be burned, 20% will be earned, and 20% will be donated to the charity wallet.
The Initial total supply allocated to the game rewards is 640,000,000,000 tokens (64%)

What is Adamant Coin?

Adamant Coin is a hyper-deflationary, yield-generating token. Each transaction is subject to a 10% tax, of which 5% is BURNED, and 5% is REDISTRIBUTED to all holders!

Where can I play Adamant Mine?

On our website.

What devices can I play Adamant Mine in?

The game is Android and IOS compatible via metamask browser or Desktop with metamask extension.

Where can I buy Adamant Coin?

- (DEX)
- (CEX)

Adamant Mine Official 𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬:

💻 Website 𓅃 Twitter Telegram Facebook Discord Instagram




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