You Ask, We Answer – Part 2

2 min readFeb 4, 2022


What is Automated Burn in Adamant Mine’s economics?

Adamant employs an automatic 5% burn in its token contract. The network will collect 5% from each transaction whether the order is a buy or sell, and burn the token to a dead address in order to reduce the circulating supply of the tokens, making the token deflationary.

How many taxes go to the charity wallet?

Adamant Mine employs a 20% game reward tax, which will be sent to a charity wallet address. The wallet will be exempt from transaction fees and will not receive redistribution. At least 60% of the contents of the wallet will be donated at the end of every quarter to the winners of the community charity of choice poll.

Who’s been auditing the $ADMC contract?

Our token contract has been audited by BlockAudit Report.

What is a rug-pull proof in Adamant Mine?

Adamant is designed to be secure. As mentioned above, our token distribution is one of the healthiest ones currently available, with no whales controlling outlandish amounts of the circulating supply. In addition, the Adamant smart contract has implemented two important security features aimed at making the token fully autonomous and immune to malicious manipulation. Fraudulent blockchain-based schemes running on BSC are rife, and we take steps to ensure that Adamant is as far from that space as possible:
1. Locked Pancake Swap Liquidity,
2. Fully Public and KYC’d Team Members,
3. Public Dev Wallets,
4. Game Rewards Lock,
5. Audit.

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